A report on the Tuscany Village opinion poll re: sheds/mini barns

Hi, Neighbors,


When we were elected to serve on the HOA board, we told you we would let homeowners steer decisions affecting all of us at Tuscany Village. So when a homeowner asked us to consider changing our amendments to allow mini barns, we set out to learn what other homeowners think on the topic, to help us discern whether to bring this up for a formal discussion and vote. 


With that in mind, we published an  online survey last month, and shared the link where most of us spend a big chunk of our days: social media and email, taking advantage of those platforms' immediacy, visibility, and no-cost distribution. Within a couple of days, we collected 76 responses. 


To be clear, this survey was not a formal vote, but an informal opinion poll to help the HOA gauge homeowner feelings on sheds, mini barns and similar outbuildings.

You’ll find survey results below, along with input from Architectural Committee volunteers, and what we’ve concluded from this exercise. 

Each household was allowed one vote; extra votes were removed. Where a household voted in multiple ways, the most restrictive vote was kept. Votes from households with blank or ambiguous address were discarded.



Responses represented 62 unique households, or 41% ofhouseholds in Tuscany Village.


“Do you support changing the Tuscany Village DCCRs (covenants) to allow sheds, mini barns and other outbuildings?”

  • Yes, with no restrictions: (0% of responses)
  • Yes, with restrictions: 33 (53% of responses)
  • No: 28 (45% of responses)
  • Undecided: (2% of responses)

Submitted Comments: 28

While comments were confidential, we’ve highlighted recurring themes below, reflecting multiple homeowner comments: 

  • Concern that backyards aren’t large enough or too sloped to accommodate outbuilding structures.
  • Concern over appearance, impact on home value, and effects of inadequate maintenance.
  • Support for outbuildings, but with restrictions to size, materials, appearance, and maintenance.  



ARC volunteers have served in their roles for several years and are intimately familiar with Tuscany Village covenants as well as City of Greenwood criteria affecting construction and architectural matters in Tuscany Village. 


ARC volunteers shared the following considerations regarding the possibility of allowing sheds, mini barns, or other outbuildings:

  • In a hypothetical scenario where our covenants allowed for outbuilding structures with no restrictions by the HOA, homeowners would still need to comply with City of Greenwood approval criteria for new buildings. From that perspective, it’s not possible to have a zero-restriction policy regarding outbuildings.
  • Tuscany Village is in a unique position where many of our homes are up against Honey Creek Road, a pond, or another subdivision. Some homes also sit on a sloped property. Those factors translate into limited yard space when we consider mandatory easements (where utility companies are granted access).
  • If our covenants allowed for sheds/mini barns/outbuildings, a large percentage of homes in Tuscany Village would be ineligible for those structures given the above limitations. 



Based on the findings above, lot size restrictions, attorney costs and the high bar our covenants require for an amendment (75% approval, or 114 households), the HOA will not pursue a vote or further discussion regarding outbuilding structures.


Gauging the opinion of so many households can get messy and even heated at times. Yet, we consider it a vital step in ensuring we are representing the majority of homeowners in decisions affecting all of us in Tuscany Village.


Thank you, again, to all who took the time to share their input.

Tuscany Village HOA Board
Alex Meadows | Mason Edlund | Andrea Emerson

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